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Suoou network for many years is committed to the production and sales of integrated wiring system of a full range of products, products covering cable, fiber optic cable, connectors, jumpers and cabinets, in order to better develop and serve the Chinese market, brand promotion and product development, we will operate headquarters in the love of -- Nanjing.</div>
As a professional integrated cabling solution provider , Suoou has experienced R &amp; D team, fixed raw material supply channels,advanced experimental and testing equipment.Production of products using advanced technology and equipment, and strictly follow the ISO9001:2015 Quality Certification System of the production process, in addition to the standardization of the overall quality assurance inspection, wiring product design and production through a series of quality testing and identification, the production of products through a number of certification body certification.</div>
In the Chinese market, Suoou cabling solutions have been recognized and accepted by more and more users, our customers all over the government, finance, insurance, securities, airports, factories, hospitals, education and other industries.We have won the trust and support of users through good service and perfect system quality assurance, a variety of technical training and extensive sales network, strict channel management and certification of origin, is the user of reliable partners.</div>
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We provide quality network system solutions:
  • Professional integrated cabling solutions
  • Optical fiber and optical cable solutions
  • Cabinet customization solution

Suoou network for many years is committed to the production and sales of cabling system full range of products, is an emphasis on Environmental Protection and sustainable development of enterprises.Professional cabling solutions provider, Suoou has experienced R & D team, fixed raw material supply channels and the advanced experimental and test equipment, to ensure that each product of excellent quality.

We promise:

Products are of high quality, sincerely treat every customer.We listen to our customers, to meet their needs, to help them break the problem.This commitment is valid not only for our customers, but also for engineers, designers, distributors, suppliers, employees, and the communities where we work and live.We offer:

  • Advanced customized solutions
  • Deep drilling for many years of professional technology
  • An uncompromising standards
Customer care

We are committed to care for every customer's needs. We strictly carry out the customer service provision, in the service of each process, let you have the joyful mood. If you have any questions or need our help, please contact our customer service team. We strive to achieve:

  • Efficient;
  • Frank、Fair、Polite;
  • Patience to listen to、A quick response;
  • To improve the professional knowledge and skills of team。
Quality assurance

The pursuit of better quality is the enterprise spirit of Suoou. Our "quality control policy is not only let the products meet the standard, and than you expect。

  • Strict quality management and auditing procedures
  • enthusiasm、Timely feedback to customers
  • Product improvement system
Environmental responsibility

Suoou is a importance to environmental protection and the sustainable development of enterprises,we know that holds the responsibility of the important environmental protectors。

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See below our customer evaluation:

Suoou network system China Co., Ltd. of the six types of twisted pair, patch panels, cabinets and other integrated wiring products in our school's computer room and laboratory applications, product performance and quality meet the application requirements,achieve the desired effect.

Nanjing University of posts and telecommunications

We used the Suoou network system as a network infrastructure engineering solution in the renovation, the system has been running trouble-free for more than a year.Suoou's supply speed, product quality, excellent installation, follow-up maintenance costs low, and efficient service, feedback speed.We are very grateful to Suoou!

Dongshan school